Brief Introduction

Center for Studies of History of Chinese Language of Zhejiang University was established in November 1999. In December 2000, it was formally approved by the Ministry of Education and became one of the Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences at Universities. The center is based on two doctoral degree programsChinese linguistics and classical philologytogether with a postdoctoral workstation on Chinese language & literature. It’s research features focus on Mid-Ancient Chinese, Early Modern Chinese language, and Chinese traditional exegetics. The center is the national and open research institute on the research of Chinese language of Zhejiang University.

The research of Chinese language has a long history and fine tradition in Zhejiang University. In fifty or sixty of the 20th century, the Chinese department of original Hangzhou University was well known for its excellent faculties, and many famous experts of Chinese language worked in this department, such as Jiang Liangfu, Ren Mingshan, Jiang Lihong and Guo Zaiyi. Since then, the research on history of Chinese language became a characteristic and excellent discipline of our university all along. A series of works won many high-grade prizes and honors successively, such as Jiang Liangfu’ Interpretation of ChuCi, Jiang Lihong’s Interpretation of Words in DunHuang BianWenand Guo Zaiyi’s Interpretation of Words in Colloquial Poems of Tang Dynasty, Corpus on Chinese Traditional Exegetics. Along the road founded by the precurory scholars, now a passel of young and middle-aged scholars already stood out prominently, and gained much excellent accomplishment, such as Wang Weihui, Fang Yixin, Zhang Yongquan, Wang Yunluand Zhuang Chusheng, etc. Their works have produced good influence in the academe. At the same time, they also became the promising young scholars on Mid-Ancient Chinese language and Early Modern Chinese language.  

There are 18 full-time researchers in the center now, including 10 professors and 8 associate professors.

Structure of CCLH


Wang Weihui (Professor, PhD Advisor)


Zheng Dacheng (Professor, PhD Advisor)

Expert Committee

JiangShaoyu, FangYixin, Jiang Lansheng, Lu Guoyao, Xiang   Chu, Zhang Yongquan, Wang Yunlu

Subordinate Institution

Research Institute of Chinese Lexical History   & Chinese traditional exegetics

FangYixin(Professor, PhDAdvisor)Wang Weihui (Professor, PhD   Advisor), Xu Jianping (Professor, PhD Advisor) , Chen Donghui (Associate   Professor), Lu Lu (Associate Professor)

Research Institute of History of Chinese Grammar

Shi Wenlei(Professor, PhD Advisor)Chi Changhai (Professor, PhD Advisor)   , Peng Lizheng(Professor, PhD Advisor), Chen Yujie (Associate Professor)

Research Institute of History of Chinese   Pronunciation & Chinese Dialects;

Zhuang Chusheng (Professor, PhD Advisor), Guan Changlong (Professor, PhD Advisor) , Bian Tiangang (Professor) 

Research Institute of Chinese Excavated Classics   & History of Chinese characters

Zhang Yongquan (Professor, PhD Advisor)ZhengDacheng (Professor PhD Advisor), Yao Yongming   (Associate Professor) Wang   Tingbin (Associate Professor)

Journal Editorial Department

Wang Yunlu(Professor, PhD Advisor)Wang Cheng (Associate Professor)